The ability to deliver, reliably and consistently, is critical to the success of any establishment. Dafaf Al Wadi comprehends the importance of keeping its customers informed of the exact time of arrival of the materials to enable them to keep their own production processes working smoothly and cost-effectively.

At Dafaf, the target is 100% delivery complete, on time, every time. Indeed, the company can justifiably claim to have a superior delivery performance compared to any other similar sized firm dealing with timber.

This confidence stems from the company’s wholly owned fleet of vehicles, which, on an average make 240 deliveries a week, traveling over 3,000,000 kilometers a year throughout the length and breadth of the U.A.E. in the process.

Deliveries of ex-stock items are generally executed on the following day or within 48 hours of receiving a firm order. Special items take a little longer depending on scheduling or sourcing and are quoted and agreed at the time of accepting the order.

Increasingly, Dafaf Al Wadi is also working with customers to specific programmes and schedules for deliveries on a ‘just in time’ basis, reducing customers’ stockholding.

All this is achieved through a process of incessant investment in technology vehicles and of course, friendly and helpful drivers.

Corporate Philosophy:

While advanced capabilities are indispensable to success, we recognize that our greatest asset is our responsive, customer-focused support. We first focus on understanding our clients’ mission and then determine the optimal solution to achieve that mission. Working hand in hand with our clients, we gain an intimate understanding of their goals, needs and challenges. We then develop the best course of action and move quickly to execute the plan. The company’s impressive growth is testimony to the balanced competence in customer support, quality, production and marketing, with a firm determination to maintain its leadership in the timber and plywood industry – today and in the future.